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Tile Office Cubicles

Tile Cubicle Sample 1
Tile Cubicle Sample 2
Tile Cubicle Sample 3
Tile Cubicles

Fabric-Ale Fabric-Buff Fabric-Cement Fabric-Emery
Laminate-Brown Laminate-Tan Paint-Black Umber Paint-Light Gray
4x4x54 Tile Cubicle4'x4'x54"H
Tile Cubicle
4x4x70-54 Tile Cubicle4'x4'x70"-54"H
Tile Cubicle
4x4x70 Tile Cubicle4'x4'x70"H
Tile Cubicle
6x6x54-38 Tile Cubicle6'x6'x54"-38"H
Tile Cubicle
6x6x54 Tile Cubicle6'x6'x54"H
Tile Cubicle
6x6x70-54 Tile Cubicle6'x6'x70"-54"H
Tile Cubicle
6x6x70 Tile Cubicle6'x6'x70"H
Tile Cubicle
6x8x54 Tile Cubicle6'x8'x54"H
Tile Cubicle
6x8x70-54 Tile Cubicle6'x8'x70"-54"H
Tile Cubicle
6x8x70 Tile Cubicle6'x8'x70"H
Tile Cubicle
8x8x54 Tile Cubicle8'x8'x54"H
Tile Cubicle
6x8x70-54 Tile Cubicle8'x8'x70"-54"H
Tile Cubicle
8x8x70 Tile Cubicle8'x8'x70"H
Tile Cubicle

Tile Cubicles

The TotalOfficeOnline, Inc. "tiles" cubicle system consists of an open frame partition with flat, removable tiles that snap into the frame. This design allows for the entire inside of the partition to be utilized as the cable and power raceway, thus increasing the data cable capacity of the office panel enormously, especially when paired with beltline access (desk height). Also, the design of the power and data cable access on tile systems makes it easier to perform changes or maintenance on the power and data lines. There is overall more flexibility with the appearance of the tile system. The individual tiles can have different fabrics or other surface materials applied to them to allow for a more refined, designer look.
  • Interchangeable quick Release tiles
  • Segmented Stackable system
  • Above and below work surface electrical & data access
  • Drop down kick plates for data access

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  • Businesses that purchase less than $800,000 in equipment and put into service this year can DEDUCT THE FULL PURCHASE amount up to $250,000
  • One time bonus depreciation of 50% on the remaining value for equipment purchases that exceed $250,000 (Deduction begins to phase out dollar for dollar after $800,000)
  • Most business equipment qualify: machinery, computers, software, trucks, office equipment and office furniture are eligible
Act now! These larger tax deductions under Section 179 are scheduled to be gone in 2010. Even if you decide to lease the equipment as a Fair Market Value (FMV) lease you can still claim the lease payments as a business expense and deduct 100% of the payments.

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